One Sentence Bench Remedies

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One Sentence Bench Remedies

Post  Drew on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:56 pm

One Sentence Bench Remedies
Rachel Cassano
Published: July 18, 2010Posted in: Powerlifting, Training ArticlesTags: bench, cure, one sentence
One Sentence Bench Remedies

Since this is EFS National Bench Week, I wanted one bench article for every day of the week. However, I’m down to the last day of the week and I’m just about out of ideas! So, I asked Dave as he was walking out the door what to do in these three situations…

Weak off Chest?

* Make sure to pull the bar out of the rack when you set up.
* Try to push your belly to the bar as you lower it. You can do this by expanding it with air.
* Lower the bar faster.
* Add high rep dumbbell presses to your program. Reps should be between 15 – 20.
* If you think you’re tight, then find a way to get tighter.
* Add chest supported rows into your program.

Weak half way off chest?

* Build more speed off of your chest.
* Make sure you’re driving your feet into the floor.
* Add chains into your program.
* Try to push THROUGH your sticking point, not into it.
* Add more rear delt, trap and external rotator work into your program.

Weak Lockout?

* Build your triceps
* 4 and 5 board presses for heavy threes and fives.
* Build more speed going into the lockout.
* If it falls toward your face, build your shoulders up.
* Extensions, extensions and more extensions.
* Keep your elbows in check with your forearms and wrists.


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